Self hypnosis

Healing suggestions

Your counting down has taken you to a helpful level of trance today so that you are ready to introduce some suggestions based upon your goal.


There are a few examples, on the following pages, of techniques you can use during self hypnosis to achieve healing or change . If you have had hypnotherapy with me already, you may have experienced some of these techniques during your treatment.


You can practise in any of the following ways:

  • guiding yourself through each or any of these techniques without a CD;
  • using any corresponding hypnotherapy CDs directly;
  • adapting the ideas to record your own versions using your own voice;
  • learning to use these techniques with some one to one self hypnosis tuition.


Remember, whichever technique you use, always engage all your senses creating a dreamlike experience with imagined pictures, sounds, feelings, sensations, aromas. You already have a huge database In your subconscious of associated sensory experiences for all sorts of behaviours such as confidence, motivation, focus, calmness, strength, determination . Enjoy using your imagination.


Many of us learned tremendous lessons from stories when we were children so it's natural for the subconscious to learn from metaphors .


You can develop some of the ideas on the following pages or you can create your own techniques:



After using the healing suggestions you can return to full consciousness.

Hypnotic interventions

The suggestions you give yourself during therapeutic self hypnosis are know as hypnotic interventions.

Metaphors are a very powerful way of communicating with the subconsious. 

You can develop your own metaphors using symbols for particular states, gathering resources or gaining clarity.


Self Hypnosis Steps