Self hypnosis

Breath awareness

Closing your eyes allow your attention to drift inwards . In this state it is easy to observe the breathing without trying to control it in any way, just noticing every aspect of the breath.


You can follow the whole journey of the breath from the nostrils down to the lungs and you can notice the movements of the lungs, chest and abdomen. Enjoy exploring the qualities of the breath itself, the moisture or dryness; heat or coolness; sound or silence. You can discover what colours you associate with the in-breath and the out-breath as you begin to relax more deeply.


Imagine breathing in feelings of calmness and relaxation , like waves flowing through your body and mind. And, after each inhalation, breathe out any residual feelings of tension and nervousness . Then breathe in even more waves of calmness through the whole body.


As your breathing helps you become more and more relaxed, you can observe sensations in the body >> .