Self hypnosis

Going deeper


Count down from ten to one . Notice how easy it is to say each number very slowly in your mind, drawing the whole word out as long as possible, saying the number with each exhalation .


In between each number while breathing out you can say the word "calm" in your mind. Draw the word out so it lasts as long as your gentle out breath - "caaaaaaaalm".


Allow yourself to go deeper by imagining yourself as a candle of relaxation melting into the bed or chair, more and more with each number counting down. You know that "one" will be the number to take you to the deepest level that you would like to experience today.


When you reach "one", enjoy the tremendous feelings that arise from being so deeply relaxed in this very pleasant hypnotic trance.


On the next page are a few healing suggestions you can use to make changes for yourself.

Hypnotic Deepeners


The techniques used to deepen the process of trance are known as deepeners. Givng yourself calm suggestions during the out breath naturally deepens your experience.


Self Hypnosis - Steps