Hypnotherapy in East London for Anxiety

If you are experiencing anxiety you might notice it effecting many areas of your life.


Sometimes you might not know where the anxiety came from. It might seem very generalised. At other times it is more obvious that stress, from work, home, or some other situation, has spilled into other areas of your life and created anxiety.


Anxiety may seem illogical yet the feelings are very real. Treatment, using hypnosis; hypnotherapy; EFT and NLP, tackles those feelings and helps you enjoy life again.


Once your anxiety is successfully treated you experience a variety of benefits such as:


  • Being more patient with yourself or others
  • Concentrating more easily
  • Having a more positive outlook
  • Spotting new opportunities
  • Becoming a luckier person
  • Sleeping more easily
  • Enjoying yourself more often


I use hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP to treat specific or generalised anxiety, panic attacks and post traumatic stress disorder.


If you would like to find out more about how hypnosis, EFT and NLP can help you with any kind of anxiety contact me , Andy Lucas (hypnotherapist) at Spring to Mind in Bethnal Green and Central London.

Treating Anxiety

This is an example of how anxiety can be treated:

  • Free 30 minute initial consultation
  • EFT to feel better immediately
  • Practising EFT at home between sessions
  • Hypnosis to switch off anxious thoughts
  • NLP to create new healthier emotions
  • Relaxing and calm hypnotherapy
  • CD of calm hypnosis to use at home
  • Review of treatment and helpful hints
  • Training in self hypnosis
  • Practising self hypnosis at home


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