Self Hypnosis

When you discover everything you can achieve in hypnotherapy you may want to develop your ability to use self hypnosis.


During your sessions I can teach you some easy steps to self hypnosis. The links below give you a taster of each of these steps. It's important to follow them in order and complete each stage before moving onto the next:



If you would like to book some self hypnosis one to one tuition contact me , Andy Lucas (hypnotherapist) at Spring to Mind in Bethnal Green and Central London.

Self hypnosis really works

(Andy's early experiences)

I first used hypnosis to help myself when I was just eighteen years old.

I’d been suffering from chronic stomach pains, nausea and vomiting for several months, unable to sleep at night, struggling to eat, fearing social situations and losing weight.

I tried some fairly basic self-hypnosis techniques and to my amazement I overcame these difficulties, regained my energy and strength and set-off to university as planned with no more illness.


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