Hypnotherapy London - Weight Control

Many people feel unhappy with the size or shape of their body. This can be for all sorts of reasons. Probably the most common is wanting to be slimmer, to have more control over your weight.


Weight and Habits

If you are unhappy with your weight you may have tried one or more diets. You were probably disappointed with the results, even if you had initial success. Now you want a method to become slim and to stay slim. You realise permanent change requires habit change. Habits of behaviour and habits of thoughts need reprogramming.


Hypnotherapy & NLP

The source of all habits is the subconsious. This is why hypnotherapy and NLP are so effective, helping achieve sustainable weight control and a new slim lifestyle. Your success is founded on motivation , a good plan and the right support. The tools I use help you break old patterns, create new healthy habits and sustain them.

How It Works

I tailor the treatment plan to your unique needs, following our chat at the free initial consultation. There is an example in the right-hand box of this page. The frequency, number of sessions and content of each session depends on your requirements.


You make a conscious decision to lose or control your weight. You decide a plan or method to achieve it. You increase your power to succeed by teaching your subconscious everything you are consciously learning and committing to. It's a bit like swimming. First you learn the strokes consciously with dedication and concentration and repitition. Then you gradually swim automatically, without any thought.


Sometimes, when you start making changes, you discover other aspects of your life which influence your eating patterns, your body image or self esteem. If you require help in these areas to support your weight control I am happy to work with you as we go along. Everybody is unique, so the programme is developed to recognise your specific needs and goals.


To arrange a 20 minute free initial consultation contact me Andy Lucas (hypnotherapist) at Spring to Mind, Bethnal Green and Central London.

The Programme

This is an example of a typical weight control programme with hypnotherapy and NLP. Please contact me if you would like to discuss it further.

Free initial consultation

Initial meeting to discuss your situation and to answer your questions about the progarmme, hypnotherapy and NLP.

Session 1

Three hour breakthrough session - 1) planning your goals; 2) learning some useful NLP techniques; 3) hypnosis treatment.

Sessions 2

75 minute follow-up session - checking progress so far; learning and refining the weight control techniques; planning next steps.

Motivation and Ongoing Success Sessions

Fortnightly, monthly or quarterly sessions according to your needs - to help you maintain and sustain new healthy habits of thinking and behaving; assisting with building strong resourceful beliefs and continued confidence.


The Process

1) Conscious decision, reasons and motivation.

2) Conscious plan and actions.

3) Conscious observation of old unwanted habits and vision of new desirable habits.

4) Subconscious learning to break old habits and to develop and sustain new habits.

Before you start the programme book a free initial consultation