Past Life Regression - What is Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a beautiful and healing experience. Clients and hypnotherapists have been amazed at the experiences arising in past life regression.


Here's a description by Niko G, a client I treated:


"As we continued with the regression, I found myself experiencing what seemed to me to be past lives, in situations which gave me a lot of insight about my life and relationships in the present.


Obviously past lives regression is doubted by many, but regardless of the factual validity of these experiences, I found them to be very healing, and that was of course the whole point ....


After just a few sessions with Andy, I felt like a big blockage had been released, and I was relieved of a heavy burden. I can't say I have been in a blissful state ever since, but I can definitely say my life has been much more fulfilling and joyful since those magical hours ...."


If you would like to experience the healing benefits of past life regression during 2014 please contact my colleague Elizabeth Rose who will be happy to see you. Her number is 01273 726549.


Booking past life regression

There are currently no spaces available for past life regression in my own 2014 calendar. However my colleague Elizabeth Rose would be happy to see you. You can find her details by clicking the following link:

Past Life Regression in Brighton


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