Emotional Freedom Techniques - EFT in East London

What is EFT

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is based on the following principle:


All negative emotions are caused by disturbances in the body’s energy system.


The technique is also known as tapping, because it consists of tapping a sequence of meridian points. This can be illustrated by using the analogy of a TV. When the circuitry of a TV is damaged or broken there's a kind of “zzzzt”. This is how it is with our own human energy circuitry i.e. there is a disturbance in the energy flow which causes a physical or emotional response, the equivalent of a “zzzzt”. The tapping fixes the "zzzzt".


EFT Practitioner in Bethnal Green, East London (London E2)

I am a qualified EFT practitioner and I am a member of the AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques).


EFT Treatments

I use EFT in East London to treat a wide range of issues including:

  • anxiety and nervousness;
  • phobias and panic attacks;
  • post traumatic stress disorder;
  • pain contol;
  • disturbing memories and
  • troublesome emotions.


Using EFT for Yourself

As well as giving you a thorough EFT treatment I will show you how to use EFT for yourself, so you can gain control over emotional difficulties and enjoy feeling better.


EFT treatment can be provided in person here in Bethnal Green, at your home, by telephone, by Skype voicecall or by Skype videocall.


For further information about EFT in East London or to book a free initial consultation you can telephone +44 (0) 7771 823651 or e-mail me using the contact form.


What Next


  • Before booking your therapy / coaching programme you can enjoy a free 20 minute initial consultation by phone, Skype, or by arranging a home visit or a meeting at your work place.


  • During the free consultation you can tell me how you would like EFT to help and ask me how it works.


  • Then you decide whether it's what you are looking for.


  • If you wish to go ahead we agree number of sessions and dates.


  • The first session includes an explanation of how EFT works, a practical application of EFT to deal with your particular issue and then your feedback.


  • Subsequent sessions help you to consolidate your knowledge and understanding of the technique so you can use it for yourself.