Self hypnosis

Full consciousness

If, during self hypnosis, any interruptions occur which require your immediate attention you can easily regain complete awareness, attend to whatever it is and return to the session again afterwards.


When you have completed your self hypnosis you can easily awaken by counting yourself up again from one to ten. When you reach ten you will be awake and fully aware.


While you are counting up you can tell yourself to wake up each part of the body with each number e.g. "one feel your feet and toes waking up, two feel your legs waking up, three now the fingers and the hands, four the arms, elbows, upper arms waking up......"


Alternatively, if you are practising self hypnosis before going to bed, you can complete your session by telling yourself you can now fall asleep and then let yourself naturally drift off.


If you would like to book some self hypnosis one to one tuition contact me , Andy Lucas (hypnotherapist) at Spring to Mind in Bethnal Green and Central London.