Special placeSelf hypnosis

By now you may be feeling very relaxed and ready to go even deeper and could go straight to "counting down" on the next page.


Alternatively you can continue relaxing by visualising or feeling a special place , somewhere real or imaginary, where you are extremely relaxed. Remember to engage all your senses .


You can remind yourself of the following:

  • colours of this special place;
  • what you see in the background and the foreground;
  • the sounds;
  • maybe aromas;
  • the warmth or coolness;
  • the sensations and emotions you experience when you go to this special place.


This can be like a waking dream . It doesn't even matter how clearly you visualise. For some people it can be very vivid and for others it is just a faint idea of the images.


Allow yourself to experience your special place in your unique way and go with the natural flow as you experience your consciousness naturally drifting in and drifting out , and as you allow the subconscious to introduce all sorts of helpful images and sensations.


It is fascinating to discover what the subconscious shows you as it incorporates the goals and suggestions you made earlier.


After spending as much time as you like enjoying your special place you can continue to deepen your trance .

Creating Your Special Place


Remember your special place is unique to you. It can beany of the following:

  • somewhere at home;
  • a place you remember visiting;
  • a holiday;
  • a location you have seen in a book or on TV;
  • a place in your imagination.


The most important thing is that it is a place you associate with feelings of calmness and relaxation.


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