Hypnotherapy Testimonial - Regression

( By Niko G, client ) "Already feeling lighter, we moved on to 'age regression'. As I went back in time I experienced my childhood, then my early childhood in which I saw the world with such clear and innocent eyes. I remembered how it was to be a child, not anything specific about it, just the basic qualities of wonder at the beauty of the world.


As we continued with the regression, I found myself experiencing what seemed to me to be past lives, in situations which gave me a lot of insight about my life and relationships in the present.


Obviously past lives regression is doubted by many, but regardless of the factual validity of these experiences, I found them to be very healing, and that was of course the whole point of our work together."


Article continues on the next page - Results - Niko's conclusion about his experience of hypnotherapy with me.


Article by Niko G (client)



The above pages are all excerpts from an article written by Niko G, who undertook treatment with me during 2005.


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