Hypnotherapy Testimonial - History of Hypnosis

( By Niko G, client ) "The scientific applications of what we now know as hypnosis have been investigated by Western therapists since around the 18th century. One American historian even claimed that the Englishmen who introduced hypnotherapy into England 'undoubtedly got their ideas, and some of their experience, from contact with India'.


Sigmund Freud's experiments starting in the late 1930's cemented the connection between psychotherapy and hypnosis, and implanted the image of the swinging time-piece, even though this technique was later abandoned by him.


Hypnosis was then used mainly to work with clients who suffered from the ailment known as 'hysteria'. Since those times hypnosis has been shown to be effective for pain control, weight control, in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety disorders, phobias and much more."


Client Niko G's article continues on the next page - The Treatment, Niko's experience during the hypnotherapy sessions.


Article by Niko G (client)



The above pages are all excerpts from an article written by Niko G, who undertook treatment with me during 2005.


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