Hypnotherapy Testimonial - The Hypnotherapist

( By Niko G, client ) "As it happened, my encounter with hypnosis came in quite the perfect setting. While spending lazy days in the South Indian paradise of Hampi, surrounded by untouched nature and the well preserved ruins of a one-time great Hindu empire, I met Andy.


A fellow traveller and a gentle Englishman, Andy, with his wide grin, shaved head, and striking tattoos did not fit my stereotype for a hypnotherapist.


We spent many hours swinging on hanging cots in our balconies and discussing hypnosis and its uses in therapy and spirituality. Andy told me that hypnosis is very different from its prevalent cultural representations."


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Article by Niko G (client)



The above pages are all excerpts from an article written by Niko G, who undertook treatment with me during 2005.