Hypnotherapy Testimonial- The Treatment

( By Niko G, client ) "When I told Andy about my interest in hypnosis and what led me to it, he was intrigued. There are several techniques that can be employed and we worked with a few of them in a series of sessions.


We started off with what is called 'parts therapy,' a method used to identify conflicting parts in our psyche and to try work out a compromise between them. Basically, we asked all parts of me to agree to the therapy and to allow repressed memories to surface. It required some negotiation skills and a lot of conviction to get a unanimous agreement about what was about to happen.


In our next session we used a different technique called 'feeling bridge', in which under hypnosis I was instructed to go back to the first time I felt the disturbing emotions we were dealing with. This was very powerful and emotional and left me feeling cleansed."


Client Niko G's article continues on the next page - Regression - age regression and past life regression.


Article by Niko G (client)



The above pages are all excerpts from an article written by Niko G, who undertook treatment with me during 2005.


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