Hypnotherapy Testimonial - Healing

( By Niko G, client ) "In the eclectic spirit of the new age, the lines between meditation, therapy and hypnosis seem to be fading.


Spiritual leaders offer 'meditations' that are actually self-hypnotic suggestion, therapists use techniques of visualization, relaxation, and guided imagination which can be very close to hypnotherapy sessions, and courses in self-hypnosis are offered by many spiritual centers.


The use of hypnosis for healing is not a new phenomenon. Trance healing has been around since the most ancient of times. Dancing and rhythmic drumming were used by Shamans and medicine men to induce states of trance used for healing. The ancient Indian culture is known to have sent their sick to the temples to be cured by hypnotic suggestion or 'temple-sleep,' as in Egypt and Greece."


Client Niko G's article continues on the next page - History , and the recent development of hypnosis in the west.


Article by Niko G (client)



The above pages are all excerpts from an article written by Niko G, who undertook treatment with me during 2005.


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