Hypnotherapy Testimonial - Weight Control - First Session

The following is a blog written by my client Rachel after her first session for weight control.


"Before going for my first session with the hypnotherapist I had a long think about what realistically he could help me with and I came up with 2 things...


  • My damaged relationship with sugar.
  • My inability to exercise alone.

During my first session with the hypnotherapist he asked which of the two issues I wanted to address first and I chose exercise as I now have the money to get a gym membership started.  The hypnotherapist then asked me lots of questions about how I am motivated, how I solve problems, how I work through things and ideally how much and what sort of exercise I want to be doing.

Although there was no hypnosis in that first actual session, I found it very therapeutic to just talk to someone about issues with exercise and found it reassuring to know that my own strategies for problem solving will be used in addressing my lack of self confidence in exercising on my own.


You can also read Rachel's blogs about the second session for fear of the gym and the third session stopping sugary food.


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