Hypnotherapy Testimonial - Weight Control - Fear of the Gym

The following is a blog written by my client Rachel after her second session for weight control, which dealt with increasing her fear of going to the gym.


"My hypnosis session regarding my fears about using a gym involved a great deal of visualation and focussed very much on how I physically 'feel' anxiety.  I was happy with way of doing things as I am very bad at verbalising my own stress, discomfort and fears, so for me whenever I am stressed or worried it is very much a physical feeling. 


The session itself was a strange and familiar experience.  Familiar because now well into my second term of yoga I am quite comfortable with someone guiding me into a relaxed state and strange because although I felt completely lucid and awake, at the end of the hour when opening my eyes I felt as though I had been asleep for hours.


So did it work?


Yes and no is an honest answer.


No because I was still nervous about going to the gym on my own, but also yes because I actually did go and on entering the gym I immediately stopped feeling anxious and just got on the machines. 


Yes it did work because although I was worried about going to the gym, all of my physical anxiety symptoms did not appear, my stomach was pleasantly settled.  

Three weeks on, I am now very comfortable using the gym.  I enjoy that it is a bit of 'me time', cheesy as that sounds, its also very true. 

In hindsight I now feel that hypnotherapy has helped a great deal with my fears of using a gym and of exercising alone, its liberating to think that now how much exercise I do lies with me after so long of being afraid to make that leap.


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