Hypnotherapy Testimonial - Weight Control - Stopping Sugary Food

The following is a blog written by my client Rachel after her third session for weight control, which helped her eliminate sugary food from her diet.


"Last Thursday I was miserable. Despite now comfortably using a gym and going to exercise classes, I still wasn't losing any weight.

And I was at battle with myself, constantly… I wanted sweet things, cake, chocolate and ice-cream. But I also wanted to lose weight and the two of them are just not compatible, especially as once I had one cup cake or Twix or ben and jerrys, I just wanted more. Abstaining from sweet stuff was hard.


As soon as I stopped eating it, all I could do was think about it. And then it was on my mind all of the time, I need that Twix with my cup of tea, I've been to the gym so I can go to starbucks and get a cup cake - I deserve it. I was exhausted by needing, wanting and having sugar. I was fed up of feeling that way, all the time.

And then a miracle happened. I went to hypnotherapy.


Rambled all of the above, in uber fast Rachel-talking speed to the poor hypnotherapist, barely having time to breathe between words. I wanted sugar out of my life for good. Somewhere in my intentions to fix my diet and health - I screwed up. A normal relationship with sugar is not something I can have anymore.

So the hypnotherapist did his thing. He used NLP and hypnosis.

And that’s it. Sugar addiction all gone. I don't waste time obsessing about sweet stuff any more, it doesn't pop into my head constantly. There are times when I notice the absence of my addiction and in those moments when I try to think of one of my former sweet favourites, I see them in my head looking all perfect and then a giant, ugly slimy grey slug on them. And there is no f**king way I'm going to eat sluggy sweets ever again.

I haven't eaten any sweet things for seven days now, normally that would have taken an enormous amount of will power. But this last week has been a breeze. Eating healthily now is so easy, spending time making healthy food doesn't seem the chore it did before when my energy levels were riddled with extreme highs and lows.


I really, really love this. I hope it lasts."


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