Meditation Classes - East London

I wonder, when you are at home, out and about in London or at work, if you ever find yourself "thinking too much", having excessive "internal chatter" or if your thoughts create stress or anxiety for you. 


Many people I meet in London are looking for ways of feeling more relaxed, calming down and switching off. And some people tell me they just want to still the mind, to create a bit of peace and quiet inside. 


Regular meditation is an excellent way of training the mind to develop healthier ways of thinking and feeling. When you become adept at meditation you are better equipped to manage all kinds of aspects of your mind, emotions and behaviour. This is why I offer meditation workshops and classes in Bethnal Green, Hackney, Shoreditch and elsewhere in east London.


Meditation & Yoga Nidra in Bethnal Green

Following the success and positive feedback in previous years I am teaching more meditation classes and for the first time in Bethnal Green, London. The classes and courses are to help you develop your meditation skills using a variety of styles including Yoga Nidra, Self Mastery, NLP and Shamanic Practices.


In 2014 the new meditation classes are focussing on Yoga Nidra and are held at 3 Temple Yard, Temple Street, London E2 6QD.


Workshops are held periodically at various venues around London and especially East London. I am currently planning dates for Bethnal Green and looking into suitable venues in Hackney, Dalston and Shoredtich. News of workshops will be announced on this website when known.


I am also available to teach "home meditation classes" to groups of friends. I am happy to provide a class to anybody living in Shoreditch, Bethnal Green, Dalston or Hackney. If you live in one of these locations, would like to host a home class and can guarantee a group of five of more students please contact me for further information.

How I teach Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a unique practice incorporating relaxation, meditation and the actual state of yoga nidra itself i.e. “conscious sleep”.

During my classes and workshops in London I use a unique approach to guide the practice. I incorporate techniques from the Bihar School of Yoga and from NLP, to accelerate the process of relaxation and to build a routine available to you for the rest of your life.


You can find out more about how I combine eastern and western teachings to help you improve the quality of your mind and consciousness by clicking on the following link:

East meets West in East London


There is more in depth information about my approach to meditation and self mastery on my meditation website: Meditation & Self Mastery in East London


Yoga Nidra and Meditation MP3 Downloads

If you would like to practise Yoga Nidra style meditation at home you might like to download my Yoga Nidra 33 minute audio MP3 at the bottom of the page.


FULL LENGTH MEDITATION MP3 (approx 29 minutes plus introduction)


To download my full length Yoga Nidra 29 minute audio MP3 file you can click on this link:

Yoga Nidra and Meditation MP3 Downloads

Contact me - to find out more about the classes or for more information.



East London Private Meditation Classes 2014



I currently teach small private meditation classes for two to three people by prior arrangement. If you would like to join one of these classes or form a group for a new class please contact me for further information.


Bethnal Green Weekly Meditation 2014


3 Temple Yard, Temple Street, London E2 6QD

Every Wednesday 7.15pm to 8.15pm

£8 entry (£3 concessions)


Download a Yoga Nidra Meditation MP3

If you would like to practise Yoga Nidra style meditation at home you can now buy and download my guided Yoga Nidra 33 minute class audio as an MP3 by clicking on my YOGA NIDRA PRODUCTS