East meets West in East London

Training your mind and quality of consciousness

Between October 2005 and October 2006 I spent eight months travelling through India. I found inspiration and many new ideas during my trip


Andy in India


I have an active interest in yoga, meditation and Indian philosophy. I find many of the ideas arising from ancient Vedic teachings useful when considering the relationship between mind, body and spirit.


If this topic interests you, we can explore ways of incorporating these ideas into your personal development e.g visualisations of the chakras, sourcing your prana (energy).


Meditation and Yoga Nidra

I regularly teach meditation and Yoga Nidra in Bethnal Green and soon in Shoreditch, Hackney and Dalston. I find it especially useful to teach half-day workshops. You have time in these workshops to learn key elements to easy effective meditation.


Yoga Nidra is a remarkable practice developed by the Bihar School of Yoga in India. It contains many of the crucial elements of best meditation practice. Yet it does more than just meditation. If you would like to read more about Yoga Nidra please click on the following link:


Yoga Nidra in Bethnal Green and Hackney


How to find out more

There are a huge variety of ways you can learn to manage your thoughts, feelings, habits and behaviour. If you would like to learn how you can combine the very best of eastern and western teachings to improve the quality of your life, and to really make a sustainable difference, you are welcome to meet me for a chat. I offer an initial consultation free of charge.


To arrange a 20 minute free initial consultation or to find out more information about the ways I can help you please contact me Andy Lucas (meditation instructor) at Spring to Mind, Bethnal Green, London.

Combining Eastern Teachings with Self-Hypnosis


There are many ways to use eastern healing practices within the framework of hypnosis.


  • Using the breath to alter states


  • Opening and balancing the chakras through visualisation and trance


  • Building prana energy for self healing


  • Expanding awareness of the auras


  • Focusing on the qualities of certain Indian deities


  • Working with sacred symbols and sounds

If this sounds interesting to you please visit my meditation page where you will find out more about my forthcoming classes and workshops by clicking on the following link:

Bethnal Green Meditation Class

Or if you are ready to book your place on my weekly evening class on Wednesdays at 3 Temple Yard, Temple Street, London E2 6QD click on the button below to get in touch.