Drugs and Alcohol Services in Brighton

Options for dealing with drug and alcohol problems

Hypnotherapy and NLP for Drug and Alcohol Problems

Even though hypnosis and NLP coaching can be useful tools to help tackle alcohol or drug dependency, I only recommend using these approaches in combination with other support.


If you have decided you have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol and would like to do something about it you are welcome to see me for a free initial consultation, but first I suggest you contact Brighton's local drug and alcohol service known as No. 11. They provide a free service. Here is some further information about them.


Other Help for Drugs and Alcohol Problems

Before considering hypnotherapy and/or NLP coaching to deal with your problems I suggest you contact Brighton's free drug and alcohol service called No. 11.


Who does No. 11 help

No.11 welcomes enquiries from local people experiencing any kind of problems with substances, including cocaine, ketamine, GHB, marijuana and methedrone as well as heroine and alcohol. It provides free and confidential information and advice to adults aged 18 and over affected by any kind of substance misuse. It also offers access into structured treatment where required.


What kind of help can you expect to get

Those in structured treatment can expect a dedicated 'care coordinator' who will support you throughout the treatment process, including aftercare support. No.11 also offers an outreach service in some circumstances. No. 11 will assess your needs and direct you to the best support for your circumstances, working in partnership with other local organisations.


No. 11 can provide you with access to a range of free services including the following:

Counselling (including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT))

Substance Misuse Service (SMS)
Community Alcohol Team (CAT)

LGBT Drug & Alcohol Worker


When and where can you find No. 11

The service is run on a drop-in basis and is available as follows:

10am - 5pm Monday-Friday

10am - 8pm Wednesday and

10am -1pm Saturday.

(The LGBT worker is available 9am-5pm weekdays.)


You can visit No. 11 at 11 St George's Place, Brighton BN1 4GB
Or telephone 01273 607575


Hypnosis and NLP - Free Initial Consultation

If you would like to discuss hypnotherapy, NLP coaching, self hypnosis and/or meditation to help tackle drug or alcohol dependency you can meet me for a free initial consultation. To arrange the consultation contact me Andy Lucas (hypnotherapist and NLP coach) at Spring to Mind, Brighton and Hove.

What Next


  • Before booking your hypnotherapy treatment programme come and meet me in Brighton for a free 20 minute initial consultation.


  • During the free consultation you can tell me how you would like hypnotherapy to help and ask me how it works.


  • Then you decide whether it's what you are looking for.


  • If you wish to go ahead we agree number of sessions and dates.


  • Each treatment includes a pre-hypnosis interview, hypnotherapy, EFT or NLP tailored to your unique requirements and your feedback after the hypnosis.


  • I sometimes give you a hypnosis CD to practise at home. Or I suggest helpful techniques or exercises you can practise between sessions.